SPECIAL PAYMENT PLAN $499/month for 3 months!

  • A significant portion of this course content is available immediately upon payment and therefore refunds are not possible. 
  • In extraordinary cases, upon written request and good cause, permission may be granted to allow a student to withdraw from this course and enroll in this, or similar, course at a future date within the next 6 months if such is offered.

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Learn to Love: Oral & All (An Online Course for Women)-Begins 10/4/22 (payment plan)

Here's Your WHY...

In this 5 week, live, interactive course, you'll learn the secrets of oral s^x (including the important part it plays in a healthy, happy relationship), plus how to overcome any roadblocks holding you back from achieving wholehearted s^xual intimacy so that YOU Will ENJOY Giving and Receiving this incredibly intimate expression of love.

Here's your HOW...

During this deep dive course, Beth Darling will teach you to give and receive oral pleasure from a place of loving pleasure rather than guilt or obligation. The course is exclusively for women.   The subject matter will include a combination of pre-recorded video classes (“How to Blow His Mind While Loving His Body” & “The Art of Orally Pleasuring Her”) as well as interactive, online sessions lead by Beth Darling, “Sexy Genius”.  Each week we will focus on different modules, with specific exercises and practices to help you hone your confidence and skills, privately*, lol. You’ll have weekly help and support available to you during the 60-90/min live group session each week, including plenty of time for Q&A. (These will be recorded and replays available.) Also, there will be a private fb group for 24/7 support, encouragement and guidance.   

If you are new to Beth's classes, you are likely quite nervous about talking about such intimate topics with "strangers", especially in a group setting.  Please know that you are not alone in your concerns and that we totally respect your hesitation and you will never be pressured to actively participate in the live sessions or group.  In fact, one of the first topics of discussion in the class will be about how to draw and protect your own boundaries, both in this course and in life beyond. 

Given that, you will probably be amazed at how easy and comfortable it is to relax and open up within the container of Beth's course.  This will be facilitated by Beth's relaxed and joyful approach to love, the recognition that our struggles are more similar than expected, and also by the fact that all of the other members of the group will be smart, successful and even spiritual women like you. 

However, to ensure that shyness never stops you from getting your needs met, you will always have the option to submit questions/concerns/feedback  "anonymously" for discussion during the Q&As as well as in the FB group.

As a SPECIAL BONUS, course participants are invited to bring their partner to the final session to specifically focus on how they can uplevel your pleasure, and allow time for them to ask questions, get feedback, direction, support, etc.

*NOTE: NO nudity, live demos or pornography in the course!!!

Interactive Zoom Sessions:  Tuesdays, beginning 10/4/22,  7p/cst .  The final, Bonus session with partners will be 11/1/22.


This may be the class that scares you the most, but it's the class you'll never regret. 

Remember, it's crazy to love someone and NOT love loving them! 

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From Recent Graduates:

My husband said it was worth every penny already after just one class!

I'm so sorry it's over- I used to look forward to Tuesdays as the highlight of my week!

“Originally, I thought that I would be a silent participant, like a fly on the wall, because of my own sexual inhibitions. So, I was initially reluctant to speak at our first meeting, but, I saw that I was not alone—all of us had our own inhibitions, so, midway through the first session, I found myself actively participating in the discussions and sharing things that I had never said out loud. I couldn't believe it!" Judy C.

"Beth has a way of uncovering your most insecure notions and melting them as she speaks with THE truth in love and understanding. If you are curious, if you are hungry to be footloose and fancy free in the bedroom and in life, join the group and be transformed for the better!! Spice it up, be wild and Be free!!! All my love to this amazing, transparent, loving teacher and mentor, Beth!” (Heather B.)