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His + Hers Oral Twofer!

Wouldn’t it have been cool if there had been a college course about Oral S*x?  We could have all really enjoyed studying hard for that class right? Well, here it is!!!

This May Be The Best Gift You Ever Give (or Receive): everything you need to know to become a master at giving head for him & her. Have a blast spending your free time getting serious about getting sexy!!! In these oral s*x for him & her courses, we will cover how to be a great lover, overcoming obstacles & mental blocks, navigating erogenous hot spots, igniting delicious full body orgasms, incredible techniques & skills, using passion props, and MORE. 

What’s included in the His & Hers Package: 

  • Course I: How to Blow His Mind While Loving His Body 
  • Course II: The Art of Orally Pleasuring Her (AKA How to Love a Woman)
  • Worksheet & supporting materials to help you get to know your partner better

You’ll probably be amazed at how comfortable you’ll be within minutes of starting the class- even if you’re incredibly nervous now! You’ll feel so much better knowing that you aren’t the only one who secretly worries that they don’t know what they’re doing. And you’ll know you earned your diploma when you finish the class because you’ll know more about oral pleasure than 90% of the world!  

Additional Materials:



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