When an Annual "Birthday Blowie" Isn't Enough... For Her! (Joey & Michelle's Story)

Jun 03, 2021

You might be wondering, “Beth, I’ve been married for half my life, my spouse is never going to change.  It’s just too late for a ‘sexy education’. ”

SIgh… I get it. It’s hard to imagine what we’ve never seen.  But that’s why , I want to introduce you to my clients, Michelle and Joey. 

They’ve been married a little over 20 years, having pretty regular sex, generally once a week.  Once a year, on his birthday (of course), Joey gets a special oral treat from Michelle. 🎉 Yep, Joey gets a BIRTHDAY BLOWIE!  

Now some of you are thinking- dang, what a lucky fella, but others of you are thinking- poor him, he ONLY gets one blow job a year! (No matter which side you’re on, let me remind you that ONLY 28% of women enjoy giving blow jobs, so 72% of those who get more frequent BJs are still only getting half hearted ones. 😕

But, back to Joey…  

Because 2020 sucked (more than she did, lol), Michelle decided that Joey deserved a really special celebration for his birthday, not just her usual (self conscious) blow job.  So she asked her friend Jamie (who is single and outspoken) where she could find some new lingerie to “spice things up”. But Jamie, knowing Michelle well after years of friendship, cut to the chase and spoke these magical words, “If you actually want to make it more exciting, why don’t you take Beth’s Blow Job class on SexyEdSchool.com?  I’ll bet you $50 that I’ll be Joey’s new best friend if you do!” 💰

Michelle was shocked, and a bit taken aback at the thought of taking a class about giving head,  frankly, she couldn’t believe a course like that even existed! (Hey, give Michelle a break, SexyEdSchool.com is still new…and up till now there hasn’t been a serious class like this for smart, successful and even spiritual people. But, people are talking now and if you ask around, you might be surprised how many of your friends are “studying love” with us these days!) 

Anyway… being the practical, and “good” woman that she is, Michelle was a bit skeptical, but curious about how one could possibly teach a blow job class while fully clothed and without any naked men, lol. 

Good thing for Joey, after she did her full due diligence, studying the SexyEdSchool.com site like her life depended on it! 🔍 Michelle checked out the courses and read about me (Beth), pored over every success story, and even listened to a couple of my Come With Us podcasts). Then, she took a huge leap of faith. (Well actually, not so huge since there’s a money back guarantee, but still, it was a huge step out of her comfort zone!)

She enrolled in the most outrageous class she’d ever heard of, “How to Blow His Mind While Loving His Body.” In hindsight, she told me that what convinced her to take the class was this: 





Yep, she literally wanted permission to say no to blow jobs. (And she’s not the only one, I promise.) But don’t worry guys, cuz it’s my job (wink, wink!) to teach her and other women how to enjoy orally loving you.  And, lucky y’all, I’m really good at my job. 😉

But kudos to Michelle, she decided she wanted to be a loving wife more than she wanted to be sexually shy, and she spent several of her precious lunch hours laughing and giggling and getting more and more excited to literally surprise the pants off Joey!  

By the time Joey’s birthday finally arrived (this was the first time Michelle was as eager as Joey for the big day!) Michelle was so eager to show off her new oral skills that SHE WOKE HIM UP EARLY so she could give him his “gift” BEFORE WORK!!! 🎁 (Yes, even she she was shocked at her enthusiasm)

According to Joey, his Birthday Blowie was so incredible, he had to keep himself in check and hold back his orgasm because he didn’t want the loving to end even if it meant he’d be late to the office! When he did give in to his release, the intensity took him by complete surprise.😮 It wasn’t the same loving gratitude that he felt in prior years, it was something so new he had to think about how to describe it.

Finally he explained that the orgasm was exponentially better, probably because in the past, Michelle would be trying to get him to come fast to end it, but this time she kept teasing him so that the “pressure” built up.  (In a good way, he was quick to add.)

But it was more than that, he continued… he felt like she was really “into it” this time. So much so that he got carried away in the moment and forgot to feel guilty for “making” her do something she wasn’t thrilled with. 😳

Joey was almost blushing when he told me that  when it was all over he could hardly believe that his wife, whom  he thought he knew so well, could be so sexual!

Needless to say, he sees Michelle in a newer, sexier light now, and the adoration (and lust) in his eyes are proof of his appreciation.. 

And as for Michelle… well, she’s walking with a swagger and a new light in her eyes also.  She admitted that she enjoyed being his wife/partner/mother of his kids for all these years, but she’s loving being his hot lover who knows how to tease and please him whenever she wants to.🌶️ She’s savoring her newfound confidence and is amazed that she is also feeling  a sense of anticipation for date nights that she’s never experienced before.  

In fact, Michelle’s feeling so comfortable with their sexy fun relationship now, that she had the guts to ask for  a very  special gift for her birthday… 

Yep. You guessed it.  Joey’s probably watching  “The Art of Orally Pleasuring Her” right now. 🤣



P.s.  Thanks for letting me share your story, Joey and Michelle!  Wishing y’all many, many Happy, Sexy Birthdays to come! 🎂

P.p.s.  If you want to start celebrating better sexy fun, you don’t have to wait till anyone’s birthday!  Just sign up for one of our courses!