What Do You Get the Man Who has EVERYTHING?

Jun 10, 2021

Hey, can I tell you a secret?  

Despite all the ads you see on tv… Men don’t actually want a grill for Father’s Day!…. Or a tie … or ANOTHER coffee mug. 

You know what they do want? 


Men want to feel special and respected and appreciated and (though they won’t usually admit it) LOVED. 

In fact, that’s what they want all the time, but especially on “their special day”. 

And here’s another secret, 


Molly is a new client and is the poster wife for how this happens… 

She and Bob have only been married 6 years, have two kids under three (Can you say chaos, lol!) Bob makes good money, but is often stressed by his job and struggles to turn it off after hours. Molly’s stress level is bothersome too- she gave up her counseling practice to be home with the kids, but can’t wait to go back when the kids are in school. So most weeks pass by in a an exhausted blur for both of them, and intimacy is overshadowed by practicalities. Fortunately, though, even though things aren’t easy, they both love each other and the family they’ve created,  and although they haven’t really enjoyed any “exciting” sexy fun in the past few years, they still have “sex” at least a couple of times a month. (This is so much more than so many of their friends that they figure they should be happy with it.)

So, basically, when Molly thought about Father’s Day this year, she literally thought, “What do I get the guy that has everything?”  

But that question didn’t give her any great answers. 

Then something triggered her, and she thought- “What would he want if he could have anything?” 

And that’s when she had her AHA! moment...

She realized that despite having “everything”, what Bob actually did ask for regularly was “fun”. He’d say things like “why don’t we get naked while we watch the movie?”, or “why don’t we sneak a quickie in while the kids are napping?”... but 

she’d always have a long list of reasons why they couldn’t make time for anything more than traditional lovemaking in bed after date night.


To Molly’s credit, when she realized she’d been rejecting Bob for years, she didn’t shy away from this insight or try to justify it since she’d been exhausted for years.  

In fact, when she allowed herself to think of it from his perspective, she suddenly understood that Bob actually wanted to be important to HER like he was before the kids. 

So she reflected on LBK (Life Before Kids), and found herself smiling, laughing and even blushing to herself as she remembered how different things were; how they couldn’t keep their hands off each other and how much fun they had together, even just going out to dinner. (Now she couldn’t remember the last time he grabbed her thigh under the table, let alone when they were both so eager to get naked that they skipped dessert and headed straight home…) 

She almost cried thinking about how “boring” they were these days.  Yeah, they had “date night sex”, but it was like the difference between eating sandwiches in the back yard and a moonlight picnic at the beach.  In fact, she could predict with way too much accuracy what would happen during sex. kissing her deeply, moving down to her neck, then her boobs, then smattering little kisses all over her body until he felt she was ready for him to enter her, missionary style. 🙄

Part of the reason she was so upset was that she knew that both she and Bob used to have way more fun in bed together- and she never expected to feel “boring” when she was barely in her thirties. How had she forgotten how much she enjoyed sex???? Not to mention frequent orgasms! 🤪

With the same determination that made her an honor student in grad school, she decided enough was enough! She was going to spice up their love life if it killed her! (Her words, lol)  

When talking to friends led her to SexyEdSchool.com and the “How to Blow His Mind While Loving His Body” class, she had a funny moment of clarity.

Just reading the description had her face flushed with embarrassment and  nervous excitement, because as much as she loved Bob,  she didn’t love giving Bob oral sex and part of her wasn’t sure she wanted to do more of it. 🤔

But, she decided that if she wanted things to change, she was going to have to change too. So... She did it!

She enrolled in my Sexy Ed School class all about the fabulousness of fellatio and, can I say, Molly is as diligent about her graduate degree in love as she was getting her degree in psychology! 

 She’s spending every private moment (as a mom of youngin’s, those are few and far between) before Father’s Day at Sexy Ed School and secretly working on her homework. This Father’s Day, Bob won’t know what hit him… but for now, he’s just wondering, “Why is Molly so damn happy?!” 🤭

I’ll let you know how things go for Molly and Bob after the big reveal, but meanwhile---don’t you want what she’s having?? 

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With Giggles & Grins, 



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