Update: Molly and Bob's Amazing Father's Day Success

Jun 24, 2021

Father’s Day has come and gone (and we hope that the father of your children has ~come~ as well, lol 💦) and I’m sure y’all have been just as curious as I have to see how Molly’s gift to Bob went over, aren’t you? Well, I had an email waiting for me bright and early Monday morning, and after reading it, I can say it was a ROARING success. 

I wanted to share an excerpt with you (with permission, of course):


Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! This was by far my favorite Father’s Day in history. In fact, I started it as early as humanly possible this year, lol. Let me explain.

As I was taking your course (How to Blow His Mind While Loving His Body) I found myself feeling things I hadn’t felt in years: my face was flushed almost the entire time, not with embarrassment, but arousal (I can’t believe I’m even using that word but it’s true.) Just realizing that I have the permission to give (and receive!) pleasure… the simple fact that it is okay for me, a middle-aged mother, to ENJOY SEX AND ORGASMS blew my mind. I’ve never thought about sex like that before. Even the times I enjoyed it in the past, I was still left with a guilty feeling afterwards that I couldn’t explain. So, thank you for that! <3

So, when I say I was ready for Father’s Day, I am not exaggerating. It was like my entire outlook on sex had changed. In the week leading up to the big day, I had so many orgasms myself (as a result of all the sexy on the brain, I guess) Bob asked me, “Has something changed? You seem different”. 😵 

The lucky man had no idea. At the stroke of midnight, after the kids were well asleep, I laid out a blanket in the living room and set up the sexiest living room picnic you ever did see. I wanted to give Bob a midnight snack he’d never forget! Lolol. 🍾 

Of course we started with a bottle of bubbly to help us loosen up, but, honestly, it didn’t take much at all. Beth, your class helped me so much with feeling comfortable initiating and did even more for helping me to quiet that inner voice that kept telling me that I wasn’t good or deserving enough of pleasure and romance to this level.

Many, many thanks, 


P.s. Sorry for any awkwardness, I am still getting comfortable talking about these things - You’re to thank for that as well!!!!”

Woohoo!!!!!  Yay,  Molly!!!  (And of course, Yay for Bob!!!)

Clearly, Molly was able to use her mouth, body, soul and newly-learned MOVES to really blow Bob’s mind. 💥  

Yes… I am doing happy dances! How freaking lucky am I that I get to have an amazing family that I adore and also clients that trust me enough to try new things and share their love story???  

This is what I want for everyone including myself, my kids and my grandkids:

The confidence and safe harbor to talk and learn about sexy expressions of love in an open and honest way, without shame or fear of judgement. 

If you want what Molly and Bob are having, I hope you’ll let me help you, too.  (To make it even more tempting, you can take $50 off your first purchase over $100 at SexyEdSchool.com with the coupon code: 50JUNE21 - act fast, though, this coupon expires June 30th!  CLICK HERE!

With an overflowing heart, 



P.p.s. At SexyEdSchool.com, we feel that EVERYONE is deserving of love. If there are financial obstacles keeping you from attending one of my courses, we offer scholarships! Shoot an email to Info@SexyEdSchool.com for more details. 

Note: That's obviously not Molly and Bob pictured in the header... just the bliss I imagined they felt after a successful Father's Day gift! <3 <3