Is it a Sexcation or a Vacation?

Aug 04, 2021

Now that y’all have gotten a bit more comfortable asking for what you want sexy fun-wise from your partner, let’s talk about putting that into practice on a sexy vacation. Summer’s almost over, and I hope you enjoyed a traditional vacation of some sort… but if you’re like me (and most other people), I bet even if it was awesome, you probably came home feeling a bit disconnected; not fully recharged, possibly even depleted. Especially if your vacation was with kids or family. Sigh. It’s fun, but not quite the relaxation you really needed.

I’m also guessing that your “sexy fun” wasn’t all that fun; and maybe was even non-existent. 😒 

Sadly- you aren’t the only one.  A recent study that said ⅔ of people aren’t happy with the sex they had on vacation. 

Isn’t that appalling???? 😩

Of course, me being the type that loves love (and especially the physical expression of love that is sexy fun), I want to do all I can to “fix” it… or at least get y’all on the same sexy page with your partners. 💋

So, here’s my suggestion: ~ You deserve a SEXCATION! Pronto!!!

Have you ever heard of a SEXCATION?  Cuz they’re way better than sliced bread, ya’ll!! 

There are THREE key things that set a “Sexcation” apart from a regular old normal vacation… and I’m not even counting all the orgasms you’ll have (and nor should you… just enjoy every single explosion to the fullest!).

  1. You’ll spend a lot more time in your hotel room on a sexcation, so it’s important that you get something you’ll be comfortable in, something with a top notch bed and delectable room service. 🍽 Breakfast in bed after a massive orgasm is one of my absolute favorite experiences. 
  2. On a Sexcation, the focus is intimacy and connection. Think about the way you plan a normal vacation: You spend months doing tons of research about the places you’re gonna see, the things you’re gonna eat and the experiences you're gonna, uh… experience. Now, on a SEXCATION, that planning time is more focused on how to have the most SEXY FUN ever! So you’ll have a great time planning for ….What hot, hot hot lingerie should you bring? How many pairs of silk boxers should you get? What new passion props would be fun to try together? What fantasies would you like to bring to life?
  3. You leave feeling satisfied and well loved, having a healthy dose of all 5 Kinds of Intimacy. (If you aren’t familiar with these, watch my YouTube video >>>>HERE<<<<.)

One of the things I think about when it comes to a typical vacation is that the main focus is to destress and relax, but often I find myself (and my clients!) emptying my cup labelled “work stress” but instead of it disappearing, I’m just pouring it into a brand new (sometimes even larger!) cup labelled “vacation stress”. Not a situation I want for myself or you. 

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