Celebrate National Prostate Health Month with Orgasms!

Sep 15, 2021

Did you know that, in addition to being my birth month, September is also National Prostate Health Month? 

Neither did I till now. 

But, it’s a pretty magical coincidence since I’ve been an outspoken prostate champion for years now. In fact, it’s pretty weird, but I’ve turned into one of the nation’s leading advocates for prostate pleasure and health. 😎  

The coolest part about being a prostate pleasure influencer is that I can honestly say that I have turned thousands and thousands of men onto a form of pleasure that not only makes them incredibly happy, but also keeps them healthy! That’s the kind of influencer I’m proud to be. 

So I hope you’ll gather all the prostates you love to celebrate with me by learning more about the link between prostate pleasure and prostate health. 

To get you started, here’s the very first prostate massage video I did way back in 2018: 

Heck, even I feel like I was a completely different person just three years ago. Since I’ve invested time and attention into loving myself (both internally and externally, if you get my drift), I can even see a difference in myself physically. 😏 My skin is glowing, my face is clear and a bad hair day doesn’t stop me from filming, lol. 

While I obviously don’t have a prostate, teaching men to enjoy theirs has taught me a lot about taking care of the parts I do have. 

One of the most important lessons?  

Orgasm is the best investment you can make in your health- regardless of your gender. 👀


One unexpected and major result? 

Orgasming on a regular basis makes your skin look 10+ years younger!!!!

And that means you can save the hundreds of $$$ you spend on skin care products if you’ll just allow yourself the pleasure of a few orgasms a week. 


Whether it’s a tiny little blip of an orgasm, or a massive one with hours of buildup---- they are ALL GOOD FOR YOU!!!! 

That’s why I make orgasms an important part of my life

If I find myself feeling stressed with no explanation, I’ll give myself an orgasm. If I’m stressing over a speaking engagement or stressful event, time for some solo play. You get the picture.

And while these ‘stress management’ orgasms are fabulous and totally serve their purpose, I really prefer the big O’s. You know, the ones with buildup so huge, the final release is a literal explosion of pleasure. Ahh, those are my favorites. 

Fellas, you might be thinking… “Yeah, I’ve been jerking off my whole life! I already know this secret!”

But this, y’all, this is where the prostate comes in. Take a few minutes and watch this video on how to DIY a prostate massage… that can lead to an incredible prostate orgasm

If you’ve never tried prostate milking before, you might be surprised at the power of the orgasm… and the quantity of your emission! You know what, y’all? I am not embarrassed one bit that I am 100% jealous of men’s powerful p-spot orgasms, but I more than make up for it with multiples. 😂

Prostate orgasms are also perfect for those who are unable to maintain an erection, because erections are not required for P-spot orgasms! And, yes, of course I did a video on it. 

So, go forth my darlings and celebrate both National Prostate Health Month AND YOURSELF with an orgasm!

And if you’re still feeling timid about prostate play… I have a class for that. 

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