Beth’s Four Favorite Tips For Getting Freaky On the Road

Jul 01, 2021

Y’all, this weekend is Independence Day! Are you and your partner planning a romantic road trip? If the answer is YES, I encourage you to give in to the freedom that a short vacation affords you and... Let Freakdom Ring! 🔔 

And I know the word “freak” might take you by surprise or weird you out- but I mean it in all the best & sexiest ways - According to, the definition of the word “Freak” is “a very unusual and unexpected event or situation”, like winning the lottery! Or maybe having wild and wonderful sexy fun together after however long you’ve been together, lol. So why not “get freaky” on your Fourth of July road trip???  It’s sure to add a Big Bang to your holiday!  

And to make it super easy for you, here are some of my favorite ways to turn a boring car trip into a situation that’ll have your beloved saying “Something suddenly came up!” *wink, wink*

💜Tip #1: Womyn, dress for success, but keep it comfy. I recommend a loose, flowing-but-still-shortish skirt, your favorite sexy panties, and a roomy button up shirt...bonus if it’s a bit see-through. Yes, I left out a bra on purpose. 😉

When your partner is driving, slowly, but naturally allow your skirt to ride up on your thighs, exposing your glorious legs until the hem of your skirt is almost at your crotch… knowing how close you are to exposing yourself completely will make it difficult for him to keep his eyes on the road… which will only increase in difficulty when you start unbuttoning your blouse as well...🤤

(Now, if you’re not comfortable showing off that much, I’d recommend putting a thin tank top under your buttoned shirt, the simple effect of you revealing skin when you *shouldn’t be* will start making things get a little tight in his crotch area, if you know what I mean.)

💜Tip #2: Take care of yourself… but take your time. Slowly trace your fingers along your inner thighs, gently rubbing on the outside of your panties, until you feel yourself begin to get wet. If you feel like moaning, let them slip out, but don’t force anything. Being 100% natural is way sexier than faking ANYTHING. 

Slowly tease yourself to an orgasm, right there in your car with traffic rushing by. It is a truly exhilarating feeling… and I promise you, the cars around you won’t have any idea of what’s going on.

(If you need accessories to reach the finish line, pack a small bullet vibe in your purse and slip it out at an opportune moment… those small and mighty vibes always seem to get it done for me😇)

💜Tip #3:  This one’s easy -- and following Tip #1 makes it a sexy natural progression. 

Later in the drive, after you’ve taken care of yourself and he’s speeding (within lawful reason, of course) towards your final vacation destination (after you’ve already had a ~final destination~ of your own), slide your panties down your legs, bring them to his face so he can get a big whiff of what you just did to yourself and stuff the damp fabric into his shirt pocket. 

He won’t be able to think of anything else until he tears off your clothes the second you’ve flung open the door to your romantic room. His cork, if you get my drift, will be ready to EXPLODE. 🍾 

💜Tip #4: Along the way- either at rest stops or not, challenge each other to take 3 or more sexy pics (or yourself, the other or anything else). The winner (flip a coin if you don’t agree) gets a sexual payback of their choice. (Or more of a predetermined agreement, lol) Also - save these pics for use after the holiday. (And read next weeks blog for details!😉) 

The  beauty of these tips is that they can work for any length of a car trip...from one hour to 6… the only difference is the length of the tease. ❤️‍🔥 So, my darlings, I implore you to go forth, feel sexy and have an Independence Day that’s full of fireworks… both in and OUT of the bedroom. 🎆


Ps. If you have kids, I encourage you to adjust things as necessary, but absolutely make something happen!  Flirting, in the front seat together with kids in the back is a delightful way to remember why you chose each other in the first place.