Beth Darling's Top 5 Hottest Things to Do This Summer (Aside from Your Partner)

Jun 17, 2021

Darlings, my goal for this summer is that it’ll be hottest one on record. No, not temperature-wise ~ although the mercury has been CLIMBING lately, hasn’t it?! I want to make sure this summer is my sexiest one yet! And yours!😉

So, here are my “Top 5 Hottest Things to Do This Summer (Aside from Your Partner)”:

  1. Take my Oral Arts for couples classes! The one-two punch of my two most popular classes “How to Blow His Mind While Loving His Body” and “The Art of Orally Pleasuring Her” have been joyfully shared by couples interested in maintaining and deepening their connection with their partners. ❤️‍🔥Bonus: This makes a perfect ~unique~ gift for Father’s Day. Sure, it’s not traditional, but who doesn’t love to learn how to give (and receive joyfully) pleasure?
  2. If you're feeling a little racier and wanna treat the father of your children to a gift that’ll really blow his mind, here’s another duo you can’t go wrong with: an Aneros prostate massager plus my course, “How to Use the Aneros Prostate Massager to Increase Your (or His!) Orgasm.” Now, I know many males are timid about anal play because of past stigma, but if your hubby has ever shown interest in backdoor play before🍑🍑🍑 -- GET HIM THIS CLASS.

    If you need any further convincing, here’s a quote from one of my *very* satisfied customers, “The prostate is an amazing thing and the best thing about prostate orgasms is there's no refractory period after orgasm, so you can keep going for as long as you want to. I pity anyone who doesn't try due to the stigma of being gay because it's amazing and they're missing out, there's nothing gay about enjoying having a woman pleasure you.” 
  3. My book, Love and Sexy (Meaningful) Fun for Everyone, can be downloaded to read on Kindle! So, if you’re like me and like nuzzling down in a big bubble bath with a book, make this the next entry on your reading list.
    As one reviewer writes, “Beth and this book are amazing. It's great having someone out there to remind us, in loving and knowledgable ways, that sex isn't shameful—and in fact, though most people don't talk about it, it's central to many of our most important relationships.” Buy your copy >>>>here<<<<!
  4. Are you so busy that the only free time you have to school yourself on sexy fun is during your commute? Then my podcast “Come With Us” is perfect for you! Me and my friends Aaron and Tina drop brand new episodes every Wednesday morning with topics ranging from swingers and threesomes to dirty talk to how to (not awkwardly) initiate sex with your partner!

    We’re building a loyal following too, with one review reading “I’m really good at sex. This podcast helps me be even better at sex.” Click >>>>>HERE<<<<< to listen and you might be surprised to see how improving your sexy skills might even help you outta the bedroom. Learning good communication carries a lot of weight out in the great wide world!  
  5. If it’s my smiling face you want to see, you’ll definitely wanna join me on Wednesday, June 23 at 7pm CST for my workshop, “Cool Sex Toys to Make Your Summer Sizzle!” Register >>>>>HERE<<<<<!

    I’ll be sharing some of my favorite toys to heat up your summertime fun. (I’ll be introducing you to one of my faves that I mentioned above -- the Aneros prostate massager! Maybe by the end of the workshop you’ll be ready to pull the trigger on my prostate massage class!)

With that, I’ll let you get back to your daily grind, hopefully with a little more sexy on the brain, at the very least! 

With Giggles & Grins, 



P.s. BONUS: If you’ve been jonesing for some in-person “Beth Time”, I’m cooking up something special later this year! Are you a pussy owner who’s ready to start a serious love affair with yourself but don’t know how to start? Join me for a weekend intensive in Houston inspired by the work of Betty Dodson, where we’ll:

💥explore our feelings, concerns, and about our pussies, self-pleasure, intimacy and sex; 

💥resolve ambivalences; 

💥address trauma, pain, shame and taboos;

💥transform our relationship with ourselves into one of love. 

If you’re interested in details and registration info when available (no obligation, of course!) send me an email ([email protected]) with “Weekend Workshop” as the subject, including your name and contact info.  

Note: This will be a small group experience, so registration will be on a first to come basis!

P.p.s. At, we feel that EVERYONE is deserving of love. If there are financial obstacles keeping you from attending one of my courses, we offer scholarships! Shoot an email to for more details.