Beating the Post-Long Weekend Blues with Sexy Fun!

Jul 08, 2021

Darlings, the week back after a long weekend always feels like such a slog doesn’t it? But, you know what changes things completely?  


Yep.  Even works better than alcohol. (And sexy fun hangovers are the best! You walk around glowing and grinning, and everyone else is totally jealous. 🤣)

Yet, most of us try not to think about sex, and we often avoid doing anything sexy.  It’s actually pretty crazy that somehow the 'available to everyone, zero calorie, healthy, pleasurable and totally free activity' that is sexy fun love became something “not good”.  Sometimes even thought of as nasty, shameful, taboo or forbidden.

It’s not a surprise that even though we try to be open minded, some of this negative association sinks into our subconscious.  Then maybe you don’t even realize it, but something inside you holds us back from enjoying “too much” sexy stuff, or maybe even gives you pause when you even THINK ABOUT doing anything that makes your passionate parts tingle. 💭 😒

If that rings true even a little bit for you, here’s what I’d like you to do for me today, please.  Indulge me, won’t you? 

Write the following on a piece of paper (or print out the pretty pics I made for y'all - just right click and choose "Save As"), tape it to your bathroom mirror and read it out loud every time you see it for a week: 


Of course, please feel free to elaborate further, if you want.  

Also, I’d love for you to send me a pic of your note and/or tell me how it changes things for you, or if it doesn’t.  I’m always happy to help with follow-up either way. 

My experience with this simple exercise has been pretty fantastic; it’s just hard to be a grump when you are enjoying sexy fun thoughts regularly.  

And what’s even better, is that simply giving yourself permission to *think* about sexy stuff, will encourage your mind to wander and linger on the thoughts that really light you up.  In fact, you might begin to notice themes and scenarios that keep popping up, even if you’ve never thought about them before… AKA, the things that TURN YOU ON. 💕 

This is the first big hump (get it?) you have to get over to really enjoy the most sexy fun - you have to get clarity about what REALLY EXCITES YOU!

Cause let’s face it… it’s easy to get so caught up with life that we think we’ve “lost” our libido.  

But, that’s Bullsh*t. 


What happens is that the more familiar we get with anything, the less thrill it has for us. Which is what is supposed to happen, that’s what encourages us to grow and try new things. (I mean even I take fireworks for granted after a week at Disney…🎆 ) 

So it’s not likely that someone has completely lost their libido, though it is very likely that what used to thrill them doesn’t anymore

The answer then is simple, though. 


Oooolala, right?? I know that thought melts my insides and puts a smile on my face as I wonder what I could try… 

Which makes this the perfect place to pick up next week! (See, I’m working on my tease, lol!)

So go write those notes and get them up on your bathroom mirror pronto…