Cora Pearl Embraced Her Sexy and Made Magic: YOU CAN TOO!

Jul 15, 2021

Okay, y’all, last week I gave you permission to think about all the sexy stuff you wanted to do, remember?

Well, this week we’re taking it up a notch… Cuz now I’m giving you permission to BE sexy.

I mean, yeah, you’ve (hopefully) been feeling sexier each week as you read my blogs, but if you’re like most people, you kept those feelings to yourself. Cuz, you know, that’s what you’ve been taught to do.

But, this week I want you to start learning that BEING SEXY is actually a really good thing - for you emotionally, for your life generally, and especially because it will uplevel your relationships, motivation, and energy level.

Contrary to popular myths, BEING SEXY DOESN’T MAKE YOU A SLUT, A PLAYER, OR RAUNCHY. (Seriously, just think about George Clooney and Jennifer Aniston.)

Now, wait! I bet you’re about to tell me that you could never look like them and so it’s ridiculous that you could be sexy like them, but- you’re just wrong. Not that you can look like them, but you don’t have to.

Historical case in point? Cora Pearl.

Born in England in 1835 to a poor family, she ignored her plain looks, developed an enthusiasm for life, dancing, love and pleasure, becoming one of the most sought after and successful courtesans of all times. In addition to Napoleon fawning all over her, she also enjoyed many other wealthy lovers. In fact, she charged an astonishing 10,000 francs for a night in her company; equivalent to a staggering $1.3 million in today’s money.

The lesson we should all learn from Cora?

Embracing your sexy is powerful and makes you MAGNETIC!

Being sexy enables you to not only enjoy more pleasure, but draws others to you.

Being sexy does not require you to have a lot of sex or to have a lot of partners.

After all, Cora’s parties were full of society’s upper echelon women and men with whom she wasn’t bedding. And, let’s be clear-- she chose her lovers, she was in charge of who, when, and the terms of their agreement. She had enormous power when most women were simply the property of their husbands.

So, let’s allow ourselves to be a bit daring this week, shall we?

*Deep breath*


Now… Darling, over the next week or so, I want you to go out of your way to tune in to your body and notice whatever sensations it provides.

I want you to indulge your beautiful body with the touches it desires, and generally go out of your way to treat it with loving appreciation instead of unpleasant judgements.

I want you to imagine that you are as publicly desired as Cora Pearl. (Or George Clooney, lol.) Know that you are SEXY and magnetic; even without doing a thing!

Then, allow yourself to move in ways that make your body feel good. You can sway to the music, strut your stuff allowing your hips or arms to swing freely while you walk and take up as much space as you want! Stand or sit up tall, smile just cuz you’re awesome, and feel that benevolent kindness towards others that comes with feeling accepted and appreciated by yourself.

Pay attention to how your body responds when you see something sexy, or when you stroke your arm in comfort, or when you are hugged by another. Notice how it feels to sit proudly without bemoaning the size of your tummy or any other perceived flaws.

Can you feel a different energy within yourself?

Does the focus on physical sensations encourage sensual and/or sexy thoughts? If so, just make a mental note about what inspires these.

Then, while you are BEING SEXY, go a step further and intentionally think about sexy stuff. (Bonus Points if you are fantasizing about all the sexy fun you had over the long weekend with the help of my road trip tips in my previous blog. 🚘 Click >>>>HERE<<<<< to read.)

Now thinking sexy things doesn’t mean you have to do anything about them… but because you might be getting so turned on that you want to share your energy with your partner, I’ll give you “extra credit” if you...

Text your partner and let them know what you’re thinking!
(Double Bonus Points if you send them one of the sexy selfies you took while on the road!!! 📸)

I KNOW: Sexting can be scary, but I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be. 👀 And it can be soooo much fun!

To get you started, here are a few of the magic prompts that I use to get a rise out of people all the time:

💜 This pic gives me soooo many feels in so many good places! (obviously send a pic- doesn’t have to be explicit, it could be a rumpled bed, sexy pic from a road trip… whatever.)
💜 I can’t stop thinking about the last time we ______.
💜 Random but remember when you did ________? I’m kinda hoping you do it again soon! 😉
💜 For some reason, I keep thinking about how your _____ would feel on my _____ tonight…

(Reminding each other of favorite sexy memories is a great way to inspire new ones.)

Don’t be afraid to be as graphic, or as discreet as you’re comfortable with. Use language that works for you. You’re not trying to be cool or hip… you’re simply telling your partner what you’re thinking. If they want to start sharing their own thoughts, well, that’s even better... but not necessary. (Don’t worry, next week, we’ll dive further into SEXTING - but this week, just celebrate sending any texts telling your partner that you are THINKING/BEING SEXY. )

The key is for you to BE SEXY- happily- even when alone.

Of course, the more you enjoy BEING SEXY, the more sexy fun you’ll find yourself having. 🤷


Don’t hide the fact that YOU ARE SEXY.
Right now.
No changes necessary.

Go forth and BE YOUR SEXY SELF.

I’m soooo proud of you- and I know you’re going to light up the world with your SEXY.

I’ll be cheering for you and can’t wait to hear from you as you: BE SEXY.

Sending huge hugs and love,


Ps. Of course, while bonus points are fun, they’re not nearly as great a reward as a massive orgasm! 🤣🤣🤣 If you want to explore more creative ways to fast forward to more connection, communication… and ORGASMS, check out my His + Hers Twofera class so hot you’ll both have trouble keeping your minds on anything other than sexy. 😉