5 Acts of Love that Might Surprise You

Oct 19, 2021

Darling, we’re all familiar with traditional acts of love… these classic images are plastered all over movies and TV and have been for years: 

💜 They shower you with flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day. 

💜 You get all dressed up in your fanciest lingerie and has a hot and steamy meal waiting for her hubby when he gets home from a hard day at the office. 

💜 He serenades publicly with a rousing rendition of ~your~ song. 

💜 The two of you get caught in a summer rainstorm, but are much too in love to care, so you slow dance anyway

You know, now that I reflect on it, some of these traditional romantic gestures are downright embarrassing… and sometimes uncomfortable! There’s probably a reason we see some of these acts more onscreen than we do in real life. 

And that’s because we don’t have nearly the same amount of time or resources as Hollywood producers do, lol. But that’s okay, cause what they make up with movie magic, those of us in a true, loving relationship experience in smaller, quieter moments. 

I think it’s important to be able to recognize these smaller quieter moments as the acts of love that they are, cause often they get overlooked. Different folks love in different ways, so noticing the unique ways your partner shows their love for you is imperative to continue to have a healthy, loving relationship. 

Here are five things your partner might do on the regular to show their love for you that might go unnoticed. 

  1. Letting you choose what to watch: If a household where one person tends to rule the screen, letting the other partner choose what to watch together can be very intimate. In essence, it’s a simple act of trust that plainly says, “I love you and I trust your judgement enough to keep me entertained for a few hours.” This same act can carry over to letting you choose what to eat… not what you’re gonna cook that night, but what you’ll enjoy on a night out! But that act of love isn’t universal, which leads me to...
  2. Making decisions: When your partner knows you well enough to know when you are overwhelmed and steps in to help without even asking, that’s a true act of love. They’re saying, “I got you. I support you. I see you struggling, so let me lift you up.” Let them. Be vulnerable with them and let them take care of you. 
  3. Reading aloud to you: Sometimes your partner comes across an article or a passage in a book that reminds them of you or your relationship. Instead of rolling your eyes and feeling impatient, pause, take a breath and focus on what your partner is saying to you. This is their way of connecting with you, and feeling connected goes both ways. Personally, I am a bookworm so I get total joy from sharing this way. And that’s why I busted my ass to edit and publish a brand new book, Covid Connections: A Collection of Erotic Short Stories,  coming out on Kindle in a couple of weeks! (Please Pre-order it here
  4. Focused Listening: These days too many of us “listen” while multi-tasking and that’s frustrating as all get out when you’re the one trying to talk! It may seem like a little thing, but I can’t  stress the importance of this one enough. When your partner gives you their full attention when you talk, they are saying, “you are worth my time. I’ll pause whatever I’m doing and give you my complete, undivided attention. I love you.”
  5. Receiving oral sex: Yes, I said receiving. Feeling comfortable enough with another human to allow them to perform this intimate act is a massive act of trust, especially if you have any insecurities at all. And let’s face it, who doesn’t have insecurities?! Fellas, this is especially important for you to remember. Sometimes it’s difficult for your partner to accept that oral sex is something that you ENJOY performing, especially since in TV & Movies it’s often depicted as a chore, when that couldn’t be further from reality.

And that’s where my latest course offering comes in handy, it’s not actually about the mechanics of oral sex, but about how wholeheartedly loving yourself and your partner can make the experience amazing for both of y’all. Click here to register for Learn to Love Oral: A 5-Week Online Course for Women Who Don’t

Do you and your partner share unique or uncommon acts of love? I’d love to hear about them! Holler at me at [email protected] with what keeps your relationship going!