His & Hers Oral Twofer

(on demand video course)

 Wanna be as

confident in the

bedroom as you are

at work?

I Do! (wink, wink!)

If you want to Transform Your Love Life, Upping Your Oral Game is the BEST way to start!  


Going Down Shouldn't be a Job, it Should Be Pure Pleasure for Both of You.


If you hate oral - don't do it.  

 But if you want to learn to love it, or you already love it and are always excited to learn new ideas and have even more sexy fun, you're in the right place. 

Because after all, while sex is "natural", great sex is learned. 

 LOVING WELL requires tremendous effort, a serious education and lots of encouragement. 

That's why this class has everything y'all need to  become masters at giving head to him or her. You'll learn the secrets to being a great lover, how to overcome obstacles & mental blocks, discover and enjoy new erogenous hot spots, tricks to ignite delicious full-body orgasms, incredible techniques & skills, when and how to use sexy props (aka: sex toys), and MORE. 

  The good news is, you've always been successful in life,  so with a little help from your professor,  Beth Darling, Sexy Genius, you'll learn everything you need to succeed at love as well! 

Yes! This Is Gonna Be Fun!
Mutual Oral? Hell Yeah!

By the end of "His & Hers Oral Twofer" class, you'll have: 


💜  Learned secrets and ways that allow YOU to enjoy giving and receiving Oral Pleasure 

💜 The confidence and skills to be more creative in love

💜 Discovered how to get out of your head and into your body 

💜 Learned how to create passionate intimacy that excites BOTH of YOU!

💜 Eliminated blame, shame, guilt and obligation from your love life

💜 Learned tons of practical tips and tricks about oral pleasure and sexy fun generally

Heck yeah- Count Me In

About Beth

 In her prior life, Beth Liebling was an Ivy League educated divorce lawyer, card carrying Mensa member, and married mother of five.

 But her divorce, after 23 years of marriage, inspired her to  chart a new path to learn the secrets behind passionate, happy, long-term marriages. 

 What she learned was incredible, life changing and yet simple. It was so profound that she couldn’t bear to keep all this to herself when so many others were having the same problems. 

Thus, her personal transformation led to a complete professional transformation as well. 

Now she is known as “Beth Darling, Sexy Genius”, an internationally recognized Sexpert/Intimacy Coach, author, radio/podcast host, and public speaker.

Beth has helped thousands of smart, successful and even spiritual people create more passion and love in their life.

Are you ready to let her help you become a Master of Love?
Oh, This'll Be Fun!

About "His & Hers Oral Twofer" Course

Course FAQs


What does the course include? 

 It's a combination of two  pre-recorded video classes, “How to Blow His Mind While Loving His Body” & “The Art of Orally Pleasuring Her”, both taught by Beth Darling, “Sexy Genius”.  
Is this class going to be raunchy and silly like making people suck on cucumbers or act like porn stars?  

Not at all!  While Beth takes a lighthearted approach to the very serious topic of intimate love, the focus is always on learning to enjoy sexy, joyful, loving, intimacy in your own, wholehearted way. 

*NOTE: NO nudity, live demos or pornography in the course!!!


Why do you think ORAL Pleasure is so important? 

Because research shows that most men and women actually find oral sex more intimate than penetrative sex.  

Plus, a lack of comfort in this regard is often indicative of a more general struggle to enjoy sexual intimacy.   

But if this is you, don't feel bad cuz you're not the only one.  Here are a few stats to help you feel better:

* Only 27% of women enjoy giving Oral.

*Up to 50% of women are hesitant to receive oral even if their partner is willing to give it.

*While most men are very comfortable receiving oral, up to 40% are insecure about their ability to give good oral to their female partner. 


 I'm shy and conservative, is this class for me?

If you want to learn to express your love physically, if you desire to truly love yourself and your partner wholeheartedly and without reserve- this class is for you. Regardless of age, background, faith age or orientation*. ( Helen, 85 y/o from Lubbock Texas is one of our biggest fans and greatest success stories!)

If you are new to Beth's classes, you will probably be amazed at how quickly she'll make you feel comfortable.  Before you know it, Beth's relaxed, light-hearted approach will have you laughing along with her while you learn more about love than you'd ever imagine possible from a video class. 

You’ll probably be amazed at how comfortable you’ll be within minutes of starting the class- even if you’re incredibly nervous now!  You’ll also feel so much better knowing that you aren’t the only one who secretly worries that they don’t know what they’re doing. And you’ll know you earned your diploma when you finish the class because you’ll know more about oral pleasure than 90% of the world!  

Ready to Master the Art of Oral?

This Is What's Possible For You 

How You'll Feel

When you enjoy loving your partner, it'll be like a weight is lifted off your shoulders and you're heart will feel fuller. You might even feel a bit high; lighter.  You'll be full of a newfound sense of confidence, joy and power in all aspects of your life.  

 What You'll Do

You'll be more adventurous, and willing to try new things because you'll know you can just laugh them off if they don't go well. You'll have more fun and enjoy life in a more profound way,  while also loving more joyfully.  

How Your Love Life Will Change

It'll never be the same, lol. It'll feel good; you'll get more turned on, and you'll only do what you enjoy.  You'll have new skills & tools- and a comfort in talking with each other -so you'll never doubt yourselves again!

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If you're smart, successful and even spiritual couple who wants to be as confident in the bedroom as you are at work, this class is for y'all.

 You’ll get the sexy education you need to create the Passionate, Lasting Love you’ve always wanted. 

You'll never regret taking this deep dive into the art of oral love where you'll learn to give and receive loving pleasure from a place of joy rather than the typical blame, shame, guilt or obligation that's found in many marriages. 

Count me In. I Want Deeper Loving Intimacy & Pleasure!