3 Easy Exercises to Increase Intimacy

Hosted by Beth Darling, Sexy Genius

Intimacy is a popular term often bandied about in connection with #relationshipgoals. 
People claim to want it, others claim to have it, some are said to be in fear of it, heck, there are even memes about it!
But does anyone actually have a clue what it is? (In-to-me-see doesn’t really clarify it, does it?)In this workshop, we are going to peel back the layers of pretense and get crystal clear about the Five Types of Intimacy and learn 3 easy exercises to increase the level of intimacy in your relationship.
I've helped thousands of couples create rewarding intimacy with practical guidance that works- I want to help you too.

And not only will you gain tools to improve your relationship during the workshop, but just by showing up, you'll be entered to win some great prizes worth BIG $$$!  


I'm excited to see you Tuesday! 



P.s. If you’re nervous about attending a workshop about sexy stuff you should know that there’s no nudity or anything pornographic in any of my courses. NONE.   You’ll find more nudity on primetime TV than in any of my classes, lol. So take a chance and register now! After all, you’ve got nothing to lose and lots to gain! 🥰

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